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With over 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry, we provide a wide array of recruitment services


At Shivarshee (OPC) Ltd, we offer an extensive range of Human Resource Consultancy services that comprise Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, Head-hunting, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Psychometric Tests, Implementations of HR policies & procedures, HR compliance audits, performance management, Outsourcing of the HR Function, payroll management, HR handbook development and review, job analysis among other services.

Our founder& Director, Ruchee Patel, is an experienced head hunter with over 15 years of experience and has recruited over 100 senior-level professionals for clients in various African sectors. She has worked dedicatedly for over 15 years in the large and small-scale setups of industries in Africa. She thoroughly understands the employer expectations, candidates’ mindsets, work environment, and cultural outset of various African geographies.

With over 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry, we provide a wide array of recruitment services: Full Recruiting Cycle, Temporary Placements, Project Based Recruitment, Turn Key Recruitment, Bulk Recruitment Projects, Permanent Recruitment, and Contractual Recruitment.

We provide our clients with a holistic and integrated solution that serves their needs.

Our Recruitment Process


We discuss one-on-one with the client to determine which positions need to be filled.

Hiring Plan

We present practical solutions, including organizing resources, setting timelines, and conducting industry analysis.

Lead Generation

Leverage our online database to search for the right talent and refer to social networks and referrals to find the ideal candidates

Candidate Assessment

Undertake psychometric evaluations that evaluate the candidate’s skills, personality, attitudes, and knowledge.

Detailed Analysis

Verification of educational background and professional experience to find the perfect fit.

Recruitment Closure

We foster a smooth transition involving seeking feedback from the client and candidate while providing continuous support and counsel to the recruitment process.

Pre-joining/ Post-joining Formalities

We help with formalities between the period between the day a new employee accepts an offer to the day he or she shows up at the office for the first day of work, also the period after the new employee shows up at the office.

Psychometric Tests

At Shivarshee (OPC) Ltd, we offer psychometric assessments that evaluate candidates’ skills, personalities, attitudes, and knowledge.  These psychometric assessments allow the employer to assess existing and potential employees and aid in determining job suitability by getting a clearer picture of how they behave at the workplace.

We use various tests to measure employability: verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, situational judgment, and numerical reasoning. Each test gives a unique perspective of how a person demonstrates a specific skill or ability.

SSR Business

At Shivarshee (OPC) Ltd, we have built robust relationships with suppliers and distributors across Asia Middle East, and other parts of the world, enabling us to export various commodities and services to our clients.

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SSR Services

SSR Services